Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Vant To Read This New Anthology

ooks of the Dead press has released a terrific compendium of classic and hard-to-find vampire tales, Best New Vampire Tales.  It’s available on Smashwords for the e-reader and iPad crowd, and should be available soon in physical book form. I love the cover art.

This tome includes a stellar list of authors, including some folks (Matt Hults, Alan Smale and others) you should read if you’re not familiar with their work:

Bram Stoker Award Nominee, Michael Laimo
Bram Stoker Award Winner, David Niall Wilson
Authorlink New Author Award Winner, Tim Waggoner
Bram Stoker Award Winner, John Everson
International Horror Guild Nominee, Don Webb
British Fantasy Award, Science Fiction Award Nominee, Jay Caselberg
Speculative Literature Foundation award nominee, Colleen Anderson
Bram Stoker Award Nominee, Alan Smale
Arthur Ellis Award Winner, Nancy Kilpatrick

The complete TOC:

Michael Laimo - Banalica
James Newman - The New Racism
Steve Vernon - Moving Lines
Tim Waggoner - Preserver
John Everson - When Barrettes Brought Justice
Donn Webb - 13 Lines
John F.D. TAFF - Cold Calls
Barbara Roden - Endless Nights
John L. French - A New House
Fredrick Obermeyer - The Verbpire
William Meikle - Morning Sickness
Scott Harper - Flotsam
David Niall Wilson - A Candle Lit In Sunlight
David M. Fitzpatrick - Sabbatarian
Alan Smale - Bridges
Jay Caselberg - Window Across the Street
Rycke Foreman - A Sunset so Glorious
Matt Hults - Through the Valley of Death
Colleen Anderson - Lover’s Triangle
Nancy Kilpatrick - Farm Wife
Preview: Matt Hults - Husk
Preview: James Roy Daley - Terror Town

Wish I had a story in there, but I think I’ve only written a single vampire story ever, and it wasn’t the greatest.  But hat’s off to these fine writer for sure.  If you’ve enjoyed the stellar anthologies from Ellen Datlow or the eclectic mix of older releases like The Ultimate Dracula, you'll enjoy this collection.  As a bonus you get a preview of Hults's Husk and Roy's novel, Terror Town.

Best New Vampire Tales now on Smashwords!

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  1. An e-version is also available on Amazon. The paperback should be available in 6-8 weeks. Book is getting positive reviews already.