Sunday, January 23, 2011

What Does a (Living Dead) Book Publisher Look For?

ou can probably guess the answer -- a terrific story, characters that readers will grow to care about, and a good sense of pace.  Strong, spare writing and unpredictable plot twists are nice attributes, too.

Whether you’re new to the profession or a veteran fiction writer, your toolkit had better include determination, a thick hide, and the humility to absorb criticism and rejection with a positive attitude.  Check your ego at the coat closet (and tip the hat girl a few bucks).  Most of all have fun and give every story your all.  If conjuring up new tales is torture, you need a different hobby.

The great fiction editors work their asses off and pour their passion into every project.  They’re not content to treat their books and anthology projects like hack-work.  Each one is like a child.

Follow this link to editor/writer James Roy Daley’s blog about what editors seek in professional writers -- and what drives them nuts.  Some solid advice here.

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