Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Story Acceptance!

I was happy to learn that a new story has been accepted for inclusion in an upcoming anthology of undead fiction from writer/editor Jason Sizemore and the folks at Apex Books / The Zombie Feed imprint.  The story is "Lifeboat," and concerns a father and son (and other characters) who depart on a Caribbean cruise as a biomechanical plague infects the world.

My family is addicted to cruising (we prefer Royal Caribbean) and I wondered how crew and passengers would fare if lucky/unlucky enough to find themselves at sea on one of the new mega-ships when zombies take over -- a different take on survivors of an apocalypse living in a domed city or bunker.  How long would the food and water last?  Could order and cooperation be preserved?  Fuel?  Where do you sail to after the lights go out?  What about the threat of piracy?

As soon as I hear more about the publication date I will let everyone know!  Zombie novels and short stories continue to ride a wave of popularity rivaled only by (ugh) sparkly vampires canoodling under a full moon.  The Walking Dead on AMC cable was a huge hit this past year (it is adapted from a graphic novel).

The table of contents and list of other authors selected are on the link below.  I also encourage you to visit the Zombie Feed main site for media news of all things Zombie.  If this anthology sells they will continue the series -- here's hoping it is a success.

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