Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Story Ideas That Editors DON'T Want To See

This list of cliche, threadbare plotlines probably applies to every online and print publisher of SF fiction.  But if you're new to writing speculative fiction, and you haven't been reading it for years, this is very good list from the editors of Strange Horizons to consult before sitting down to write your next tale.  Or sending out that trunk story you wrote in 1986.

Strange Horizons is a quality online SF / DH / DF market that's been around for a decade, and they recently upped their per-word rate to 7 cents.  Niall Harrison is the editor-in-chief.

It's a good list.  A thorough list.  You get an idea of what their slush readers have to endure (and why it's called "slush").  Yes, we've seen published (even established) writers get away with a few of these now and then, but in general this is very solid advice. The Strange Horizons staff also published a list of worn-out, hackneyed horror storylines.

SF plot list:

Horror plot list:

Be sure to check out their blog:

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